Stay Safe During an Emergency

Protect your family with egress window installation in Billings, MT

Safety in your home should be your number one priority. One of the most important things you could have in your home is an egress window. These are windows that are large enough for escaping a fire or for allowing a firefighter to enter.

T. Davis Construction, Inc. understands the safety code requirements for basement egress windows in Billings, MT, and we can install them in your home. From bedrooms to the basement, your home needs these essential safety features.

Reach out today to schedule a consultation for basement egress window installation.

Know the advantages of egress windows

A basement egress window provides many great benefits. With a professionally installed egress window, you get:

  • Safe escape in the event of a fire
  • Safe rescue if firefighters need to enter
  • A home that is up to safety code

Keep yourself and your family safe. Let T. Davis Construction install a bedroom or basement egress window in your Billings, MT home.